Fresno CPA Accounting Practice

Managing a business has several financial risks that you must identify and plan for in advance. To enable you to focus on running your business, our trusted advisors at Roland Roos & Company, Fresno CPA, provide top-quality Nonprofit auditingbusiness and tax consultingQuickBooks bookkeeping and accounting, and tax preparation and planning services.

With 45 years of experience, Roland Roos & Company, Fresno CPA, offers industry-specific expertise to your accounting and tax needs among a wide range of industries. Our CPA Firm specializes in auditing Nonprofit Organizations and partnering with small business owners to implement cost-cutting strategies and control cash outflows. We maintain open communication with you while delivering timely financial statements to confirm you are always well-informed.

By understanding the consequences of new, existing, and changing tax laws that will influence you and your business, our team of CPAs and accountants are highly skilled at selecting the most tax-efficient entity for new businesses, tax reduction planning, and improving after-tax profitability. We offer a user-friendly tax organizer for individuals and businesses to make sure tax return filing is easier on you from year-to-year.

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At Roland Roos & Company, Fresno CPA, we believe a true community is a feeling of fellowship with those around us. Our Fresno CPA Accounting Firm serves many Nonprofit Organizations, including health and welfare, HUD Section 8 Projects, and foster care agencies for persons with developmental disabilities .